This is a blog dedicated to theory of role-playing, both fluff and crunch, and about the life of an RPer in general. All my posts will fall under the following categories

  • Character – For posts about character creation and development
  • Story – For post about campaign creation and development
  • Immersion – For post about how to make the game more exciting to play
  • Settings – For world-building exercises or discussions about campaign worlds
  • Game Night – Managing the logistics of getting a bunch nerds together on a Saturday night
  • Systems – For discussions of game systems and crunch theory
  • Resources – For discussions of (mostly) online resources to improve your game

Other categories may be added later.

I myself have been playing RPGs since I was in high school – over 10 years now. I’ve played many systems, bought more books than I’d like to count, and lost my fair share of characters.  Currently, I play a D&D 3.5 campaign and am in the process of designing a GURPs cyberpunk campaign to GM.

I usually collate the campaigns I’m building here – but you won’t find the campaigns I play in here, generally. My GM runs everything from his laptop, so unfortunately you won’t be able to share in his creations aside from my musings on them.

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