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Writing a Player Character Part 3: Reconcepting and Goals

March 7, 2012


Now that we’ve finished our character sheet and writing out the character’s past you may think that we’re done and ready to play – but not quite! In fact, we’ve yet to do the most important part. All that we’ve done was merely preparation for this portion. Fortunately, since you’ve alraedy done all the work this part is […]

Writing A Player Character Part 2: Stats and Backstory

February 13, 2012


In Part 1 of this series we discussed a general outline of writing a character and went ahead and wrote down some initial concepting of the character. This post will be much longer, because I plan to include the actual story I wrote and discuss bits and pieces as we go along – just a […]

Writing a Player Character Part 1: Concepting

February 2, 2012


For many players having to write a new character is a sentence worse than death (though it usually follows a character death! hah!).  Some players just feel they aren’t creative enough to do it, or that it takes too much time.  It’s really unfortunate that players feel this way, too.  A richly developed character not […]